Meet the New Youth Board

HFY elected new officers

President- Colby Burrows

Co Vice Presidents- Erina Haddock

and Griffin Ferency

Secretary- Colby Herrington


Events Calendar

-After school Program Ventures out -

Tuesdays at 3pm

Join Hearts for Youth at Indian River Lake Conservancy 43982 Stine Rd. Redwood NY -Tuesday June 12


Join Hearts for Youth at Scenic View Park in Alexandria Bay for an afternoon of fun (hopefully in the sun) - June 19


Events Calendar

Summer Programs

Hearts for Youth will offer a variety of programs over the summer.  Pamphlets  are available at Machserry LIbrary and the Chamber of Commerce.   Permission forms are available below or at Macsherry Library and Chamber of Commerce.  Please sign up for events ahead of time.

Events Calendar