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March 30

Hearts for Youth Inc. has been continuing to stay busy with virtual events and online challenges. All the videos from our online story times can be accessed anytime on our Facebook page. You can watch and participate in our stories and crafts when it is convenient for you. There is also an Easter Lego challenge posted for all our Lego lovers. Please feel free to leave us a comment or a picture when you stop by to “visit.” We miss all our friends!

Our upcoming virtual events include story times on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 am. On Tuesday at 3pm we’ll be hosting some virtual Lego building. On Wednesday afternoons at 3pm we’ll be having some virtual play, chat and other fun with our preschool families, and on Thursday afternoons at 3pm we’ll be having some art and craft time. On Friday at 11:30am, we’ll have an edible craft class to help make lunchtime fun! This week Friday, April 3, we’ll be making rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches. You’ll want to be sure to have some bread, butter, mozzarella cheese and food coloring on hand for a colorful twist on a lunchtime favorite. If you have some fresh fruits or veggies, you can add a smile face creation made from your favorites!

HFY is inviting our community to participate in two fun social distancing activities. In communities all over the US, stuffed animals and bears are popping up in windows, on porches, mounted on mailboxes and other creative outdoor places. When families go on car rides or walks in the neighborhood, they can hunt for bears. You can participate by placing a stuffed friend in an easy to spot place or taking a walk or car ride and go on a bear hunt all while remembering to keep your social distance. For a little extra fun, sing the song “Going on a Bear Hunt.” Be sure to let us know how many you find. 

HFY has also put together a family activities bingo board. The bingo board may be found on our website and our Facebook page. Copies are also available in Macsherry Library’s little library. Participants are encouraged to complete as many squares as they can by April 11 and then drop off their form with contact info on the back in the Macsherry library drop box or snap a picture of your board and email it us at heartsforyouth@gmail.com. Bonus points can be earned when you send us pictures of your projects or activities. Let’s have some fun together!

All of Hearts for Youth Inc’s programs are on hold until further notice. While Ms. Denise and Mrs. Weldon miss all of you, be sure to like and follow us on Facebook where we will be sharing virtual story times and daily challenges. We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you each day as you complete the challenges and share what you have done on our Facebook page. 

If  you have questions, please feel free to contact us at heartsforyouth@gmail.com or 315-783-3248.

Please contact us if you have ideas or if we can help you.  

We are available for virtual tutoring and will do our best to help your child's needs. 


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Spring Brochure is ready

The Spring Brochure is ready!  It will be available at ACS and Macsherry Library.  Information about each program will be posted on Facebook along with a google form.  We will continue to partner with ACS Ghost Academy and offer after school activities Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  We look forward to going back to our normal routine but until we are under safer environments we will hold of to publishing our brochures.

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