Capital Campaign

Hearts For Youth (HFY) is especially excited for Spring 2022 as plans to break ground for the new Community Center are underway.  The new building will be located behind Macsherry Library and will feature a variety of spaces for folks of all ages to enjoy and explore.  Through generous donations from area businesses, local and out-of-town individuals, HFY fundraisers, and special events such as River Santa, the community center is becoming a reality!  Want to be part of this exciting adventure?  Please consider being a sponsor.  For more information on being a community center sponsor please contact Cindy Demo at 315-767-1051.


Our vision is to build an education/community center which is multi-generational serving not just the youth but all the members of our community. Our community center will be a place where children can go after school and on the weekends to learn and expand on life skills as well as a place for preschoolers to come and practice social skills through free play and older generations can have a place to gather together as well as serve as mentors to the younger generations. We will accomplish these purposes through partnership with other organizations such as TILT and IRLC, material and monetary donations, fundraising, grant writing, and support from the local community. Members of the community of all ages will benefit from these programs.